• Wine

    In the Requena countryside wine-making has taken place for more than 2000 years. There are pottery remains, structures such as the wine-press at Pilillas, and even grape seeds, that tell us that the Iberians produced and drank wine in the area from the seventh century BC, and has continued up to our times.

  • Cava

    Requena, only municipality authorized by the D.O Cava in Valencia, makes white and pink cavas of excellent quality

  • Requena Sausages

    Requena sausages are covered by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication " Inlay Requena " .

  • The Taste of Requena. Cuisine

    Its broad gastronomic offerings include rice with meat, potatoes in broth, rice with green beans, rice stew...

  • Traditional Cuisine of Requena and Its Lands.

    The inhabitants of Requena have a deeply ingrained culture of cuisine, one that is tied to our history, our customs, to how we enjoy ourselves. This cuisine provides an added value that fosters a single and common goal across every level: to ensure the highest quality.

  • Recipes

    Discover some of our most traditional recipes

  • Food Festivals and Celebrations

    Our food fairs are a showcase to present our most representative typical products such as wine , cava and sausages