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The Image of the Requena Brand was born as part of the communication strategy of the Tourism Revitalization Plan, being a basic tool for promoting and developing the town.

Consequently, it was necessary to consider the challenge of representing and reflecting the essence of the town using a minimum graphic medium.


To start the creative process a number of ideas were put forward which helped the process and its development, bearing in mind representative and basic aspects of the area such as: its history, traditions and culture, Nature, or oenology and gastronomy, among other.

In this way attractive visual images began to emerge that were to give rise to a logo. After many tests a selection process was initiated in which the aims expressed in the briefing were explained.


Following certain guidelines, where a positive, descriptive brand, one capable of bringing together modernity, quality and tradition, was created. Highlighting the historical and cultural concept of the area, where monuments, Nature, wines and cavas, play a predominant part being a source of inspiration and recognition.


It is an up-to-date yet informative brand, since it must create loyalty. Being timeless, achieving a powerful, clear image, so that people will remember it.


We can see the deep crimson colour, representing wine, a clear reference to its elegance and classical roots. The straight lines of the castle and its monuments, the curved shape of a wine glass, the curves of the vineyards and the nature of its landscapes.