• Local Museum

    This museum, housed in the former Convento del Carmen, show us permanent collections of ethnology, archeology and natural sciences

  • Florencio de la Fuente Contemporary Art Museum

    The Museum of Contemporary Art " Florencio de la Fuente " stands out thematic , stylistic diversity of techniques and procedures .

  • Wine Museum

    In this museum uniqueness Requena wine , its space and its history is described and pieces are exhibited characteristics of the process of development and production of wine

  • Caves of the Villa

    The caves, now reclaimed from obscurity, bear witness to the life of the inhabitants, to their customs, to their way of life and to what they did and thought.

  • Tribute Tower Museum

    Built in the 10th century during the reign of the Caliphs and completely rebuilt in masonry in the 15th, during the time of the Catholic Monarchs.

  • Tunnels

    The tunnels, which run through the tuffaceous rock Barrio de La Villa, were excavated during the great siege austracista held in Requena on the occasion of the War of Succession

  • St. Nicholas Church

    If we go down Somera Street we will be surprised on contemplating a church with a neo-classical tower and façade, with a square and fountain in front of it.

  • House of Silk Art.

    This building, where the silk weavers guild met, houses the altarpiece of San Jerónimo, the Patron Saint of Silk Art. A sign made of tiles reads: “Casa del Arte Mayor de la Seda”.

  • Harvest Festival Museum

    This museum takes us into the clothing , tradition and history of the Feast of the oldest vintage of Spain

  • Museum of the Holy Week Requena

    This museum has become one of the most interesting cultural projects thanks to the interest of the Board of Guilds of Requena

  • Photography Museum- FOCAM

    En este museo se cuenta la historia de la fotografía desde su invención en Francia en 1839 hasta la llegada de la era digital poco antes de la entrada en nuestro siglo

  • Sisternas Museum

    Through the different rooms of the farmhouse S. XIX know thoroughly the world of wine and rural life